Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Under 14

A total of 18 girls took to the field on Sunday morning for training.
What seemed to be a nice morning, ended with lashing rain and hail
stone, so we took cover in the trees for a bit. Fitness and ball work
drills were carried out over the hour and a half with all the girls
putting in great work. This group are coming on each week, well done

Training will continue next Sunday at 12.15pm, girls make sure you
have shin guards and water, and after last Sunday always bring a rain
jacket, just in case.

Hopefully we will have a match in the coming weeks to get us prepared
for the season ahead, so put the effort in at training!!

The club will be taking part in Ballincollig's St. Patricks Day
Parade, watch out for the text with the details. It's a great day out
and it brings the whole community together, so try to be available on
the day, to march the village in your club gear with all your