Wednesday, 23 May 2012


Unfortunately for training in this group we have 9 girls doing leaving
certificates and we are only seeing a few of those at training during
the week or on Sundays which I suppose is disappointing, however, we
understand the importance of studying for the exams but do feel 1 hour
per week is not a huge amount of time to request. The Under 16's who
join us are also doing junior cert so it's a very studious group we
have and those who chose to attend are availing of the excellent small
sessions which we hope will benefit us for Championship.
The dedicated hour for all minors is SUNDAY AT 11AM on pitch 5 and we
hope to see a few more faces at this session.
We welcome back Mairead O Dwyer who has been plagued with injuries
this year and she did a great session on Friday last. Also we are
hoping for good news on Laura Barry and hope to see her back training
MUNSTER SUMMER LEAGUE coming up in June - this will be a mix of our
Juniors and non-exam Minors to make up a team to participate and we
are also heading to the Kingdom mid June for a one day blitz, so we
have plenty to train for.
Make that extra push to attend training.