Tuesday, 5 June 2012


U10's were very busy this week with our new league, we played
Inniscarra on Monday night at home and we played away to Eire Og on
Thursday. 24girls in total played and all showed great skill and
determination throughout these matches.
U9 played also on Thursday against Eire Og 13 girls in total played
and they too showed great enthusiasm throughout the game. Well done

On a personal note, I did the Marathon on Monday 4th June and there
are a lot of people I would like to thank. But first the race. I did
the first half of Marathon in 1hour 56mins and was feeling so so not
under pressure but feeling the pinch of the half way line, struggled
on got to 16 miles was still feeling ok, this is when things got hard
the 18mile and on I started slowing down. Picked up again at 21, but
at 24 had a fall, and only for St John's ambulance I probably would
not have finished. My time was 4.49.29 not bad for my first attempt. I
would like to thank the 1,500 people you who kindly sponsored this
event. Also a big thank you to the mentors, selectors and players for
selling the lines.
To Brendan, Noreen, Eileen & Mary who kindly gave up so much time
helping to organise this event, and last but not least I would like to
thank all the people who send me best wishes and all the people who
turned up and cheered me on along the way.