Thursday, 10 May 2012

It's not all about Camogie you know

Our Hardy U10's got a day off training a couple of Sunday's ago. Mind
you they were after playing with great skill and tram work the day
before at a blitz in Ballygiblin, Mitchelstown. It wasn't all rest
though. These girls decided it was time to do something for the
community and so they joined forces with those hard working people in
the Ballincollig Tidy Towns group to help clean up the main street and
surrounding areas between Quish's Super Valu and the Topaz garage at
the East Gate. This was organised as part of part of National Spring
Clean 2012. About 20 girls and some of their parents turned up on the
morning to help tidy the town. Each girl got their own picker and
rubbish bag and proceeded to fill them as quickly as possible.
Everyone enjoyed the hour, though it flew and all involved were well
pleased with their mornings work. Tom Butler for the Tidy Towns was
delighted to see such a pleasant bunch of girls helping out and
rewarded them all with a few goodies at the end of the morning.